Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Keep Up with the Joneses

I often have clients asking me how they can make their wedding stand out.  Each client wants their wedding to be unique, special, and of course, memorable. So, what advice to do I give them?


Your wedding should be reflective of YOU as a couple.  Don't choose things just because you think you are supposed to or because someone else did it.  Make decisions that you can both stand behind.  Choose to do something because you both love it and you can't imagine your wedding day without it.  

When it comes to picking a location you not only want to consider logistics, but you should also get tingles when you imagine yourself standing there with the love of your life!  Choose details that make sense for the location, and for you.  If you envision family and friends laughing together over a hearty meal, opt for farm tables and bottles of shared wine.  If you want to make sure that your guests dance the night away, choose a space with an ample dance floor and a lounge or outdoor space where they can go to cool down.  

Most of all, make sure that you and your partner agree, especially on the big points.  Often, a marriage is about compromise. Planning your wedding is a great way to exercise that muscle.  No matter what, remember to be authentic.  Your wedding should feel natural and personal.  Your smiles will be bigger, your laughter will come more easily, and your guests will walk away saying things like "that was so perfectly THEM."  

Here are a few of my favorite couple shots from some of the most "unique" weddings I have had the pleasure of coordinating!

 Photo courtesy of Kelly Schatz Photography
A sweet family wedding in the woods where the bride grew up. This was a true "family and friends" experience where even the neighbors pitched in!  One of the most unique elements had to be the handcrafted wedding rings produced by a friend of the couple.
Photo Courtesy of Kelly Schatz Photography & DonyaFaith Photography

Nature met architecture in this beautiful and simple Rhode Island wedding.  I remember the bride and groom telling me that they wanted guests to feel as if they had come over for an elegant meal at the bride & groom's home.  On the menu... some of their favorite recipes!
Photo Courtesy of O'Brien Photo 

This was a gorgeous wedding set in the mountains of the Berkshires.  This bride and groom chose their favorite weekend hideway for a reception, inviting guests into a world they wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Their wedding was chock full of eclectic decor, an amazing gourmet menu (with fish fresh of the families' boat!), and a music room that didn't stop!
Photo Courtesy of Jenny Moloney Photography

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