Monday, November 12, 2012

Customizing Your Wedding or Event

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It's clear that I am not great at blogging very frequently, but I promise I have a good excuse!  Events by Jackie M has been very busy growing over the last several months.  I've expanded my business not only through new Wedding and Event clients, but through custom detail work as well.  Earlier this year, I decided to open an account on Etsy and I'm happy to report that sales have been great!  I have been able to extend my reach beyond Western MA (and the surrounding areas) to a more global community.  It's a very exciting time for me and for the business!  I love creating custom details for all of my clients.  There is just something about adding those personal touches that is so rewarding!

One thing that has been very clear through all of this additional work is that people want to find a way to make their wedding or event stand out!  I can't tell you how many clients have reached out to me with a small idea... just a nugget of a thought... which then grows into a full blown theme for their special event!

A big theme that has been trending is the idea of travel.  Many of my clients want to create an event where guests truly feel transported to a different time and place.  The best thing about this theme is that the possibilities are limitless!  I've created everything from wedding invitations disguised as airline tickets to menus printed on a postcard. I've customized tables named after Italian cities and even invited guests to pack their bags for a Hawaiian wedding escape!  Color palettes have ranged from antique ivory to bright pinks and purples.  Each and every one of these events has been unique and special in it's own way....the common theme being the idea of travel and escape from the ordinary. 

While I get to create all of these exciting elements, I do caution my clients to make sure they carry their theme through their event.  As I've mentioned in a previous post, themes are great... but only when they are done well.  For instance, if you like the idea of an airline ticket for an invitation, don't stop there.  Your guests will be excited at the idea of getting a boarding pass but that excitement will quickly fade if they walk into a sparsely decorated banquet hall with a few travel signs hanging by the bar.  You MUST carry such a theme throughout your event.  If you pick a specific location (like Italy), make sure that the room feels like Italy.  Make sure there is plenty of wine and plates full of olives, cheese, meat, and fruit.  Use wine bottles bursting with wild flowers as centerpieces.  Display pictures of Italy.... especially if you took photos from a trip there. Make sure that your lighting is soft.  Use your imagination!  Travel themes can be fun and exciting...they provide a great excuse to get creative.  :)

Until next time... happy planning!

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